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Spacious and roomy, the boat was extremely well set up for a full complement of divers. With a total of 11 divers on board, there was plenty of room for kitting up. The crew were extremely helpful with a dedicated deckhand ensuring everything ran smoothly.

The weather on Saturday was agreeable. Low winds made going beyond the breakwater feasible, although the clouds prevented the weather from being idyllic. The first dive of the day was Hand Deeps. Mike was diving with Pete and Bryan, and John and myself together. The depths were in the 25-35m range for all of us. Between dives warm pasties, chocolate and biscuits were on offer - all part of the trip cost. The second dive was at the famed Eddystone reef. A disused lighthouse on a lone rock, the rock bed quickly drops away letting you go 30m deep less than 500m from the lighthouse. The pairings were the same as before.

Saturday evening, we ate at Weatherspoons. Although less entertaining than the night before, the Olympics in the background proved too distracting for some...

The following day saw a similar pattern. With the first dive being on the wreck of the Persier. The second on the nearby Hilsea Point. For the Hilsea point dive, only Mike, John and myself decided to dive. The weather was inverted from the previous day. The winds had picked up (although, luckily from a slightly favourable direction) and the sun had come out. The increased winds did not provide too much of a problem for getting on and off the boat.

That afternoon, we packed up at the dive centre and drove back home with most us arriving in the early evening.

The (almost) annual trip to Plymouth got under way as usual. Intending to fill half a boat of divers, we arrived one diver short, making us a group of five. John Clegg, Pete Smith, Mike Smith, Bryan Taylor and myself (Neil Clegg). After originally being booked on the boat Top Gun, we were moved to a slightly larger boat, Northstar, for the weekend. Arriving on the Friday evening (after a long, and sometimes slow, journey), we decanted to one of the local pubs, the Navy, for dinner. The Navy did not disappoint, especially with the amusing entertainment of a screaming lesbian (yes, she was screaming about her sexuality for all the pub to hear).