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Blue Water Diving, trip to El Gouna, June 2017


There were seven of us on this trip, staying at the Ali Pashar hotel within a 5 minute walk of Emperor Divers base.

Weather was hot & sunny with temperatures in the high 30s, water temp was 26-27°C on most dives,

There were 2 dives every day, sometimes with an option to add a third.

Viz was generally very good, there were the usual reef fish, in addition I saw a couple of Eagle rays in the distance, a few Napoleon Wrasse, various Nudibranchs & warty sea slugs, there were quite a few lionfish, a couple of Crocodilefish loads of Scorpionfish & Stonefish.

We saw several dolphins on the surface in the first couple of days, then mid-week we took a trip out to “Dolphin House”,  on this day we had a dolphin researcher onboard who gave us a short dolphin presentation. Whilst preparing for the final dive of the day a pod of dolphins appeared nearby. During this dive we could hear them but did not see anything until we were carrying out our safety stop behind the boat, the guide pointed behind me & signalled ‘dolphin’, I turned to see 3 of them proceed under us at a depth of around 10m. As they passed one swivelled its body round to have a good look at these strange bubble blowing creatures above him.

On the final day we dived Careless Reef, being an exposed site it is less dived than many of the others and is in wonderful condition. On the morning dive we saw a single turtle which rose up the other side of Emma from me & proceeded to the surface. In the afternoon our group took a completely different route from the other one from our boat, again it was a cracking dive and just at the end of it I looked up to see a smallish turtle face-to-face with Peter, the group moved in closer to take a look, it left Peter and swam over to Ed, where it proceeded to “investigate” his dive kit, nipping at straps, hoses and regs. It then swam to Emma and took an interest in her kit, before swimming to me and biting at my camera leash, then swam over to Tiger, our dive guide, once again nibbling at some of his kit and (I think) attempting  to take a couple of  bites out of him.