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The 2019 diving programme:

27-28 April:
- Potential opportunity to dive with the Solent University folks at Andark Lake or Vobster (TBC)

4-6 May (probably just the Bank Holiday Monday):
- Either Vobster, Stoney Cove or Swanage from the pier

1 June, 6 July, 3 August, 7 September - Family days (Chesil Beach / pub if poor weather)
- Potentially also an opportunity to do some boat diving out of West Bay.  Hoping to keep this as a regular opportunity - I’m sure we’ll get blown out by the weather at some point so it’s good to have some backup dates in the diary.)

8-9 June:
- Swanage with Divers Down (DD) / Kyarra Bookings (KB)
- 8 June: Kyarra 30m 07:30 (DD), Peveril Ledge 16m 10:45 (DD), Betsy Anna 25m 13:25 (KB), Clan Macvay 20m 13:45 (DD), Fleur de Lys 13m 17:55 (KB)
- 9 June: Aeolian Sky 30m 08:20 (KB), Venezuela 27m 08:30, Kyarra 30m 08:45 (KB), Fleur de Lys 13m 10:45 (KB), Fleur de Lys 12m 11:30 (DD), Peveril Ledge 18m 12:45 (KB), Kyarra 30m 15:00 (DD)
- Prices vary, but look to be in the £25-35 per dive
- Obviously we can’t do all of these dives, but there’s scope to do 2 dives each on both days

14-15 September:
- Lundy (with Ocean Turtle Diving, £175 per person excluding accommodation)
There are also some other trips with Ocean Turtle Diving that may be of interest:
- 15-16 June: Weymouth
- 3-4 August: Plymouth
- £60 per diver per day excluding accommodation
- Please let me know if you’re keen
There will be some other opportunities that come up so I’ll keep you all posted.



We will also have trips to the Red Sea and other foreign destinations, including Bali in November

The next Ocean Diver training courses are run as required, please contact us if you wish to participate in the next course