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Zanzibar, 1st to 17th November 2018


Four of us, Bryan, Peter, John and I travelled from Heathrow to Zanzibar, via Muscat, then onward by taxi to Langi Langi bungalows in Nungwi resort on the northern tip of Zanzibar Island, arriving in the early hours of 2nd November.

The holiday plan was to relax on the first day then 5 days of diving, 2 days break, with a tour of the capital Stone Town and a spare day, followed by another 4 days diving, then a day trip including a trip to the forest and tour of a spice farm, then for our final full day we organised a half day off-road buggy trip.

First day was spent recovering from the travel, orientating ourselves in the resort and sorting out all our details with the dive centre.

Accommodation was in bungalows set in a walled garden, with a pool. There were various trees including banana & coconut, a selection of wildlife: chickens, rabbits, guinea fowl, small deer (Suni) lizards, geckos & on one day we had a praying mantis patrolling our balcony.  

Diving commenced on day 2. Kit would be prepared at the dive centre. The boat guys would load BCs & tanks onto the boat, then we would make our way down with suits & other kit. The boat could take up to around 16 divers & after a quick boat briefing we would make our way to the first of the two daily dive sites.
For the first few days of diving there was a lot of plankton / sand floating around in the water, reducing visibility somewhat. Diving was on a mix of coral reefs and sandy plateaux. Most of the wildlife was of the smaller variety, no sharks, turtles or anything, although on several occasions we saw dolphins, whilst on the way to the dive sites.
Life that was seen was: Lots of nudibranchs/flatworms, scorpionfish, stonefish, frogfish & leaf-fish, lots of moray eels of many different types, ribbon eels, mantis shrimps. On a couple of dives we were guided out onto the sandy plateau where we found seahorses, pipefish. sea moths and a flying gurnard.

Mid-holiday we were taken by minibus to Stone Town, then onward by boat for on a guided tour of what was once a prison island, then a hospital island and is now a tortoise sanctuary, with many Aldabra giant tortoises from the Seychelles, some of which were up to 190 years old. We then returned to the mainland to spend the rest of the day sightseeing around Stone Town.
The following day was spent relaxing around the resort.