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There were another four days diving, then we had another day trip, going first to the rain forest where we saw 2 different species of monkey, one unique to Zanzibar - there were also crabs in the forest, as well as spiders and millipedes. Next we moved on to a mangrove forest where we saw mangrove crabs, before moving on to a spice farm where we were shown lots of spices & how they grow, getting tasters of many of them We were “serenaded” by one of the workers there & given a “crown” made of palm leaves, fresh coconut to drink and eat, followed by a meal cooked with several of the spices they produce.

For our last day we took an off road buggy tour of the local area, goggles and masks provided were essential as at times we were driving almost blind in the dust thrown up by the vehicle in front. We visited a couple of lovely beaches. We were also stopped by the police on one of the roads and the drivers had their driving licences checked.

Weather was generally good, with the occasion rainstorm overnight and a torrential downpour on the last day while waiting for our ride to the airport.

The resort beach was soft white sand & depending on the tide you could either walk along the beach, or through the resort to return to our accommodation. There were beach vendors offering all sorts of deals, massages, coconuts, pineapples, boat trips, I was also offered drugs & “pretty women” in fact John & I went into competition to see who would get offered the most drugs, despite neither of us having the least interest in them!

Restaurants were good with a meal with a drink usually working out at well under £10 per head. Of particular note was a fish restaurant on the beach which used to have a selection of large fresh fish (see my “non-dive” photos), from which you would choose, they would cut a fish steak from this cook it and serve it up with rice, chips & salad at a very reasonable price.

Beers all had “African” names, like Serengeti, Tusker, Kilimanjaro; we also found a local ginger beer called Tangawizi which used to go down very nicely.